Why Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Imagination puts knowledge into action in a way that works. Someone who ...
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Unemployed? 5 Things To Do About It

Unemployed? Afraid of not finding another job? Me too! Take Action! Here ...
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Get Traction for Your Good Ideas!

You are creative. Inventive ways of getting results occur to you easily, ...

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Today Is The Day!

Sometimes we forget: today is the only reality we have. We get so focused on the past, or the future, we forget to appreciate TODAY for its benefits and blessings. Now hear this: Today is the day!

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Career Maturity

Aiming for Career Maturity

When we are children we are told “You can’t understand that now, you are too young”. This same concept applies to career timelines! When I first started working I thought, much like a child, that the world of work was fairly simple. You go to work each day on time, you work hard, you hit […]

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When You Realize The Whole World Belongs To You

Be content with what you have. You will find a still and calm mind in that contentment. When I rejoice in the way things are I connect to reality. I stop fighting what already is. It’s important to realize that “what is” – the present moment – will soon pass. The future, and my ability […]

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Dealing With Fear By Focusing On The Good In Life

I’m a strong person. Smart. But sometimes I am afraid. Like most people. My fears are the common everyday type. The type most people have I think. Fear of not meeting commitments to others in family to friends or at work. Fear of being taken advantage of, being made to look foolish. Fear that I […]

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Life Is …. According to Mother Theresa

A reminder from one of my favorite mentors. I hope it encourages you too!

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The Crossroads

Sometimes I get too complicated about my decisions, my life. When I was younger I was much more carefree about decisions. I thought about it, checked in with my feelings regarding the matter, and let it rip. If there was a mistake I simply turned on my heel and corrected course. The benefit of this […]

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What would Machiavelli Do?

You may have worked for one of these guys! If not then consider yourself lucky. This book nails it. If you are younger and wonder how the worst types of people operate, how far would they go?… Look no further for a primer. This book tells is true. The one that rings most true for […]

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Don’t Wait For Your Ship To Come In

Waiting around for good things to come to you is rarely effective. It’s true there is benefit in allowing good things into your life, but that’s different than waiting!

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My Favorite Love Story

It’s probably your favorite one, too. Yours, that is!! I’m so grateful for my husband to be! I’m not a spring chicken so I count myself blessed to find the love of my life in my 50s. As important as careers are, as much as we need money to pay the bills… No one knows […]

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I Am Thankful Today – You?

Sometimes it not easy to remember to be grateful for our family, friends, our homes, our children. Sometimes we wonder: is everything going to be OK? Today I am thankful for so much. Despite loss. Despite bad luck. Despite problems, root canals, snow, ice. In the face of a day where I could choose to […]

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